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No Central California Physician's group offers more health insurance choices than Santé Community Physicians.

We contract with a wide array of HMO and PPO insurance carriers to give you and your family a wide range of affordable plans for your family care. Just click to find a list of our HMO and PPO contracting partners, or call your family physician for a health plan recommendation.

Need help choosing a health plan? Check out our information on "Choosing a Health Plan" , or ask your physician's office or call our Member Services department at (559) 228-5410. Remember, make sure your employer offers a health plan which provides access to a Santé Community Physicians office to make sure you get the best care in the Central Valley.

Santé’s Contracted Medicare Advantage Plans

·    Blue Shield 65+
Brand New Day Classic Care Plan 37
Brand New Day Classic Choice Medi-Medi Plan 33
Brand New Day Embrace Choice Medi-Medi Plan 36
Brand New Day Embrace Care Savings Plan 35
Health Net Healthy Heart
Health Net Amber II
Health Net Sapphire Premier
AARP Medicare Complete (UnitedHealthCare)
UnitedHealthCare Medicare Solutions (Group Retiree)

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